Impact to spent grains producer – by working with us, you’ll have consistent removal of their spent goods based on your timetable. Instead of paying for disposal, you’d realize cost savings / get paid.

Impact to spent grains procurer – by working with us, you will receive a reliable source as a high-quality product that fills your needs and lower cost delivery achieved by pooling resources.

Impact to community & local economy – we’re looking to encourage collaboration within neighbourhoods and cities. e.g., self-starters in the community to help signup producers and procurers in exchange for a commission; connect local businesses providing transportation from producer to procurer and earn commission per lead generated.

Impact to sustainability advocates – Sustainability consultants will be able to look up circular economy solutions, have access to industry-specific ROI case studies and customer testimonials saving time on extensive research, providing them a tool to make their case with their own clients.

Impact to municipal / provincial governments – in time, by gradual adoption of diverting specific food waste like brewer’s waste from landfill, we will contribute to an overall reduction of their operating costs specific to food waste disposal.   Potential food waste ban is on the horizon – see Strategy for Waste-free Ontario

Impact to planet – reduction of GHGs

Impact to people – our hope is that associating value with spent goods – indeed, the ability to make money from it – will encourage people to think about how they might reuse their own waste materials before throwing it away.