Theory of Change

We believe businesses can provide value while reducing their climate change impact.

The Spent Goods Company was born out of the frustration of seeing so much waste, regardless of whether we in Asia or in North America.

Inspired by the determination of organizations like the Plastic Bank, non-profits in India who developed creative ways for rural schools to earn money while recycling plastics, to Mohammed Yunus, Elon Musk, we’re aspiring to be part of the solution by advocating for a greener economy.

As the impact of climate change and ocean plastic enters the mainstream, consumers are seeking alternative solutions – ban on disposable plastic bags, fossil fuel divestments, Paris climate accord are examples of influential solutions that are working to address this emerging demand.

However, gaining mass adoption to deal with climate change has proven difficult. Instead of only appealing to the greater good sentiment common to most climate change awareness campaigns, we’re emphasizing the appeal of transforming food waste into money.

Project Drawdown has ranked diversion of food waste that ends up in the landfill from high-income economies as a top 3 solution that could reduce 70 gigatons of CO2 by 2050. The good news is that 5 US states and Vancouver have started and Ontario is exploring food waste landfill diversion as part of their circular economy initiatives.

Some companies are already reusing their food waste and making money – for instance, MillerCoors produces inputs for high-fiber foods, vitamin supplements, pharmaceutical companies, all from their by-products.

Our mission is to participate in the transformation of lesser-known food waste into value. For instance, used coffee grinds are being transformed into clothing and brewer’s waste into bricks, animal feed, and mushroom spawn.

The Spent Goods Company will:

  • Inspire social acceptance and network around reuse of food waste
  • Strive for financial gains and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Promote local adoption of circular economy solutions

Our theory of change is that individuals and businesses will explore these solutions due to financial gains reinforced by social benefits.