Beer Pretzels

Beer Pretzels

Our pretzels are made in the traditional Bavarian style with a twist – it also incorporates barley grains previously used to make beer!

By diverting brewery grains that typically would have been discarded and result in greenhouse gases, you can help to reduce climate change simply by eating these delicious pretzels!

Slightly tough and salted on the outside and soft texture on the inside.

We bet this will become your favourite snack of choice.

  • 100% Vegan

Available in different shapes, same size of 150g pre-baked dough weight:

  1. Pretzel twists
Photo Credit Leslieville Farmer’s Market

2. Pretzel Rounds – similar to a bagel or burger bun shape


3. Mini Pretzel / Slider – approx 2/3 less size compared to the Pretzel Round (45g pre-baked dough weight)

Photo credit Prohibition Gastrohouse featuring pretzel slider

4. Pretzel longs


10% Spent barley grains from Henderson Brewing, Unbleached untreated all purpose flour from P+H Milling (blend of Ontario and Prairie wheats), Unbleached untreated bread flour from P+H Milling (blend of Ontario and Prairie wheats), Water, Sugar, Olive oil, Salt, Yeast from SAF, Diastatic malt powder from Grain Pro.

Beer Pretzel Nutrition Facts

















As recently featured by Mama Earth Organics

Did you know Barley grains are:

Good for your Health – Considered one of the healthiest whole food grains.
Studies show it’s protective against Breast Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Gallstones, Heart failure and lowers cholesterol.

Good Nutrition – Double the fiber and protein; Less gluten (but NOT gluten-free) and low glycemic compared to white flour bread.

How is the Barley sourced?

In the craft brewing process, once the barley has been boiled to release sugar, the grains are considered ‘spent’ and traditionally provided as animal feed or disposed – 185 million KGs of brewery grains are disposed in Ontario every year.

Instead, if we took those spent grains and made food with it, we could feed every Ontarian 2 loaves of bread every week!

These brewery grains have twice the amount of fibre and protein compared to wheat (it’s the reason it’s used as animal feed) – Fibre is ideal for reducing cholesterol and is one of the whole grains listed on the Canadian food guide.

Made in Toronto by Henderson Brewing, Drake Commissary and The Spent Goods Company.

We believe you can do something about climate change (and your heart) on a daily basis, simply by eating our Beer Pretzels!

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