Event Catering

Thank you for considering food made with upcycled brewery grains:

Photo Credit: Ronald Lam

Beer Bread sourdough – that can be cut up into bite size serving by you and served on its own or with your favourite olive oil or hummus.

  • 100% vegan, so great option for everyone.
  • Sourdough baked daily and delivered same day
Photo Credit: Zenia Castanos

Butter Crackers 

Another crowd favourite – provide something completely unique in terms of taste and made from beer – how cool is that?

  • It’s a conversation starter – perfect for craft beer lover, foodie and the environmentalist alike
  • Does contain butter and sesame seeds

Multigrain loaf

Our everyday loaf of bread, perfect for making sandwiches

  • 100% vegan

For a party to feed 50 people for less than $100

We’d recommend to serve as appetizers for 50 people:

7 x Beer Bread sourdough XL loaves

2 Kg of Butter Beer Crisps (equivalent to 15 individual servings)


To make sandwiches for 50 people:

15 slices  = 7 grilled cheese sandwiches per loaf

8 loaves of Toasted Beer Bread to feed 50 people 1 x grilled cheese sandwich each

Note – cheese not included, just the bread 🙂

Fine print

  • Toronto based delivery / pickup
  • Please give us at least 3-5 business days notice
  • Sourdough: comes uncut in order to ensure freshness. You’d be responsible to cut it into slices and provide complementary dips
  • We can provide small cards with ingredient list and how it’s made

Contact us for wholesale pricing