The Spent Goods Company works with organizations to re-imagine food waste, reducing their expenses and carbon footprint while generating new revenue sources.

Whether it’s to make corrugated cardboard from spent grains or transforming day old bread into beer by diverting organic waste from the landfill, we can help you to reduce your climate change impact. 

Most recently, we have worked with craft breweries to transform their leftover barley grains (aka spent grains) into revenue generating food products that are sold as part of their menu to their customers.

We’re growing and we looking for passionate people to help us achieve our mission.

Our culture

  • We believe that there are efficient ways of achieving our goals, sometimes against the status quo
  • We take calculated risks
  • We need people who can work independently with minimal supervision
  • We start with ‘Why?’

1. Woocommerce and WordPress Developer

We’re looking to:

  1. Improve user flow on Woocommerce instance that would allow our wholesale customers (B2B) to place orders based on our baking lead times and automatically create invoice drafts in our API based accounting platform.
  2. A separate Woocommerce instance to promote upcycled products (B2C) to be drop shipped by our partners and/or accommodate local pickup from participating retailers
  3. Improve user experience on WordPress Blog
  4. Potentially consolidate under single WordPress instance once Woocommerce instance(s) have been established
  5. Maintain a highly visual customer experience
  6. Nice to have – migrate Joomla based ecommerce to WooCommerce

Ideal candidate eats Woocommerce and WordPress for breakfast and can knock this out of the park easily. You have experience finding good plugins to achieve functionality we seek.

In addition to why you’d like to work with us, we’d love links to existing websites you’ve built. If you feel you have the skills but don’t have ideal examples, we’d still love to hear from you.

2. Digital Marketplace Developer

We’re at the conceptual stage, but would like to build a simple interface, similar to Facebook Marketplace, that enables users to upload something they would like to trade and then notify interested users based on location using SMS/email.

We’d like to use an existing platform rather than build from scratch.

It’s something like Trash Nothing but for Food (which already has a REST API)


As its based on experience, do let us know your ideal rate and/or provide a fixed quote once you’ve gathered requirements.

If the role sounds ideal, we’d love to hear from you.

Email us with short cover letter telling us your why