Our mission is to feed people locally with locally available resources.

Spent Goods sees barley grains used by craft breweries as an untapped local resource.

Typically craft breweries need to discard these grains after brewing. By diverting these grains from landfill and making food instead, we reduce greenhouse gases that would have resulted.

toasted beer bread

Bread is a product that is much in demand these days – could we explore the potential using it as a fundraiser for your organization?

We’re a small business and not in a position to donate our products at this time.

FoodShare, a non profit we work with, resells our bread and uses the surpluses to fund their programs to address food insecurity in the city.

Option 1 – For your organization, assuming you’d rather not deal with the logistics of food delivery, we could provide a percentage of sales that result from a future fundraiser email campaign.

This way, your donors get freshly baked goodness delivered and your organization benefits with a financial contribution from us. We can track this through a unique coupon code for instance.

Option 2 – we could sell our freshly baked goods to you at wholesale – this way you can procure a consistent partner to deliver freshly baked bread. Moss Park Market by Building Roots provides fresh, healthy options to local residents and shelters this way.

We make artisan bread that doesn’t have additives or preservatives.

Our bread is Come Una Volta (In Italian, As it once was)

Our pricing reflects labour of love associated with the fact that our bread takes 3 days to properly break down the gluten (vs commercial bakeries that speed up the process into 4 hours, resulting in high gluten bread).

Let’s explore good food options together – Wholesale.