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Q: How should I store your bread?

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Q: Do I need to bake your frozen bread?

Unless the label says ‘parbaked’, all Spent Goods products are already fully baked. They can be frozen, just defrost as you would any bread to enjoy. Once the bread is at room temperature, try toasting it.

e.g., How to warm frozen pretzels: Thaw for 10 mins and toast for 4-5 mins

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Q: Can I eat bread that is past its ‘best before’ date?

Best before dates reflect the date after which we feel our product won’t be at optimal flavour. This does not mean that it should be discarded, its simply a recommendation for maximum enjoyment.

Q: Do your breads contain any allergens?

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Q: Are your breads gluten free?

Typically, our baked goods do contain barley and wheat. Both contain gluten.

However, our sourdough is naturally leavened over three days, which results in a lower gluten loaf of bread. This process allows the yeast to breakdown some of the gluten, compared to commercial bread which is made in hours, resulting in a higher concentration of gluten.

People who have low to medium gluten sensitivity are able to comfortably digest our sourdough bread. We strongly suggest that you start with a small amount, over a period of time, to gauge whether you have a reaction or not.

See Michael Pollen’s Cooked documentary on Netflix (Episode: Air) for more background on the way traditional bread is made.

Q: Where can I find your ingredient lists?

Ingredients are listed on each product page towards the bottom.

Q: Is sourdough bread considered yeast free?
While regular bread is leavened with packaged yeast, sourdough bread is leavened with Lactobacillus bacteria and wild yeasts. This mixture of bacteria and wild yeast is called a sourdough starter. It’s made by mixing flour and water and letting it sit until microbes move in and ferment it.

We don’t use commercial yeast or baker’s yeast in our sourdough which can be confusing for anyone if not in the business.

Our pretzel twists, pretzel bagels, and multigrain does contain commercial (instant) yeast.

Q: Do you sell your bread pre-sliced?

Only our Daily Bread Multigrain has a pre-sliced option, making it ideal for school and family lunches. Our other breads dry out quicker once sliced so we keep it whole for optimal taste. To keep your bread fresh as long as possible, we also recommend slicing just before use.

Q: I want to bake with spent grains. Do you sell them?

We love to hear that people are interested in using spent grains in their own baking.

Because the grains have a short shelf life and must be kept chilled until used (they sour quickly), we recommend approaching a craft brewer near you. Toronto is blessed with so many. It’s likely they will be happy to give you some for free.

Q: I’d love to talk to someone about my idea of re-using food by-product

A: In general, we’re delighted to support organizations and/or individuals using food by-products, such as spent grains. We’re happy to answer your questions, however, do note that, while we’re not asking for financial compensation for our time, we’d love the opportunity to private label or co-brand any products you do manufacturer, in exchange.

Get in touch if this type of partnership is of interest to you.