Dihan, Founder and Managing Director

This is what happens when you combine the love of food, beer and sustainability.

Favourite Spent Goods product: Beer Pretzels!

Read more about what inspired me to start this business.

Ai, Graphic designer and illustrator

I’m from Kyoto in Japan.
I love taking pictures while I’m hiking 🙂

Favourite Spent Goods product: Sourdough Beer Bread

Chan, Content editor

I’ve never understood the term sweetbreads.

They’re not sweet and they’re definitely not bread.

It’s totally misleading.

Yukari, Operations

I was born and raised in Tokyo and came to Canada in April 2018. Through an experiential language learning program called On the Spot Language, I met the founder Dihan and even my husband Jake. He and I love spent goods products especially beer bagels which are so moist and chewy. We enjoy them for lunch every weekend.

In the future, I want to be a social worker.

Sophi, Customer Engagement Lead

When Sophi isn’t working for Spent Goods she goes by @yourecofriend, a passionate environmentalist who engages in community activism as a member of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Working Group, a volunteer for her neighbourhood’s green team and a zero waste speaker and consultant.

She loves dancing, cycling and learning to roller skate.

Her favourite Spent Goods product: Beer Pretzels.

Seshi, Accounting

(a little how-to): Seshi = Say-She

Strong believer in eating dessert first, wannabe grammar aficionado, and attempting to raise two warriors.

Personal mantra: just keep swimming

Favourite Spent Goods product: Runny egg on an open-faced English Muffin with a side of arugula. The warriors approve too. And they have…how shall I say this…discerning tastes.

Natalia Pereira – Sustainability Advisor

Born and raised with the sun, I brought my energy and enthusiasm to Canada to continue support businesses that incorporate and steward ESG factors into their ownership practices.

I love the quote “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”, but I would just add that sweets are also important for mental health!

Addicted to Sourdough Beer Bread

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