Delicious Foods That Reduce Climate Change

Delicious Foods That Reduce Climate Change

We work with small-to-medium businesses to re-imagine food by-products in order to reduce their expenses and generate new revenue.

Our emphasis is on finding practical solutions, whether it’s to make corrugated cardboard from spent grains or to transform day-old bread into beer by diverting organic waste from the landfill,  we can help you to reduce your climate change impact. 

We’re currently working with craft breweries to transform their leftover barley grains (aka spent grains) into revenue generating food products that is sold as part of their menu to their customers, made from their own spent grains (which they used to pay to dispose of).


In Toronto, Henderson Brewing Co provides their spent grains to Drake Commissary, an artisan bakery, who makes delicious food that is then sold by The Spent Goods Company via grocery stores, farmer’s markets, schools and restaurants. Our initiatives have been acknowledged most recently by Edible Magazine, CBC, BlogTO as “Toronto’s latest bread craze,” and NOW Magazine.

The Spent Goods Company is a Food transformer – we find complementary businesses to partner with, make new products with their by-products and get them in front of customers.


Why barley grains?

In the craft brewing process, once the barley has been boiled to release sugar, the grains are considered ‘spent’ and traditionally provided as animal feed or disposed – 185 million KGs of brewery grains are disposed in Ontario every year.

Instead, if we took those spent grains and made food with it, we could feed every Ontarian 2 loaves of bread every week!

These brewery grains have twice the amount of fibre and protein compared to wheat (it’s the reason it’s used as animal feed) – Fibre is ideal for reducing cholesterol and is one of the whole grains listed on the Canadian food guide.

Target audience: Good Food That Reduces Climate Change

We’ve tapped into a customer base that is looking for solutions that reduces significant waste and optimizes resources in a world facing the climate crisis.

We believe that when local businesses collaborate, we all win:

Local businesses realize cost savings / generate revenue / promote a sustainable lifestyle through sale of Spent Goods


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