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If you are a craft brewery within a few hours driving of Toronto, looking to haul all your spent grains, we’re not in a position to handle this at this time.

Do try Rethink Waste who’d transport it to a farm just outside the city to feed to cows if municipal organic disposal isn’t an option for you.

Else, consider these Resources for reducing food waste at your facility

Spent Goods value add

Spent Goods currently offers a program to make food with your spent grain that you’d resell to your taproom and online customers.

Imagine frozen pizza, pretzels, fresh sourdough, Butter Crackers made with your spent grains!

Value being you can now make passive income on your spent grains and in time, hopefully we can divert more and more spent grains into food as sales grows.

We’d co-brand it with your logo as well.

Ideally you would provide the spent grains on the return trip when we deliver baked goods to you.

Craft breweries typically start by listing our products on their website for pre-order, give us 3 days to make it, and then we’d deliver/pickup on a specific day – Friday seems to be a good day to pick up beer and bread for the weekend.

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