If you’re looking for healthier options for your Student Nutrition Program, we’ve partnered with FoodShare.

Made in Toronto with ZERO preservatives or additives, this nutrient rich bread is 100% Halal and 100% Vegan. The four whole grains included are whole wheat, barley, spelt and rye. Approved by Toronto Public Health for use in student nutrition programs.

In addition to containing 4 different whole grains, this loaf of bread is unique.

This bread is made through the collaboration of several local businesses striving to significantly reduce climate change through good food. 

Breweries produce millions of kilograms of barley grains each year, leftover from the brewing process. The Spent Goods Company is working with Henderson Brewing Co to divert fibre rich barley grains to artisan bakery, Drake Commissary, to bake delicious bread, thus reducing greenhouse gases and waste going into local landfills.

Does this bread contain beer?

No – The barley grains are recovered before it’s made into beer. It’s 100% Halal!

Why switch to The Spent Goods Company 4x Whole Grain Loaf?

  • Local ingredients that are easy to pronounce
  • No trans fat, additives, or preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in Toronto

The product label is attached for you to review.

To order, please visit FoodShare.