Audience: The individual(s) responsible for transportation / drying of spent grains (typically transforming food processor)

Timeframe: To ensure the spent grain doesn’t go sour (affecting the acidity causing the dough not to rise properly), we recommend that the drying process takes place within 2 hours from grain out.

Typically the spent grains are hot and we need to let it cool before we can pack it for upcycling.

This is a key component as the remaining heat continues to cook the spent grains if we let it remain in the container.

The objective is to spread out the spent grains on baking trays in order to let it come to room temperature

  • This step should be initiated within hours of spent grains removal / as soon as the grains can touched (warm to touch, not hot)

Cooling to room temperature can take a few hours, so feel free to leave it overnight on the rack but preference is to do this same day as the brew run so you can store it in freezer by end of day

Once at room temperature, use gloves to handle the spent grain and transfer to provide containers / plastic bags

Store in freezer

We recommend that you portion out into bags based on what you require on a daily basis so you can defrost only what you need.