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IG POST #1 – About Spent Goods



Have you heard of @spentgoods beer bread? We’re a company that makes foods while focusing on reducing climate change.

Did you know that 86 percent of all food waste is generated within the food industry? And that each year, approximately 16 million kilograms of brewery grains are landfilled in Ontario?

We work to find practical, multiple uses for spent grains, prior to disposal. Now the barley is being used to make delicious baked goods.

By diverting these grains, @spentgoods help to reduce food waste and the emission of greenhouse gases, while feeding people locally and creating local jobs.

Currently, Ambrosia locations carry our seed-crusted sourdough, pretzel twists, pretzel bagels and Montreal-style bagels.

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IG POST #3 – About one of the products



SpentGoods’ Pretzels Twists are soft, chewy, crispy and sooo tasty!

It’s the perfect savoury treat that’ll elevate your mid-day snacking.

Dip them into a cheesy dip, mustard sauce or turn them into a sandwich.

However you decide to eat them, know that they are good for the planet, as at @spentgoods we upcycle grains that typically are landfilled releasing greenhouse gases!

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