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  • Added new online grocery – 100km Foods
  • After summer run, we’re pausing the Sandwich buns and Burger Buns till Spring 2021 to work on something new. However if keen to wholesale prior, let us know!
  • Add 2 new East end based grocery stores – Fresh from the Farm and Urban Bulk 
  • Launched our first par baked demi baguette for the holidays available via Mama Earth Organics
  • Participated in FoodShare’s holiday box alongside Drake Commissary and other local suppliers
  • Ran our first flyer promotion with Sweet Potato
  • Kept Marcella, Roma, Jonathan, Colton, and Yukari very busy making over 1000 Butter Crackers pouches to fulfill holiday gift boxes
  • Introduced silica packets to ensure freshness of our Butter Crackers – Thanks Tim!
  • Spent Goods Case Study presented virtually at Zero Waste Conference, Vancouver





As of July 31 2020, we’ve seen a bump due to the pandemic and doubled the amount of spentgrains we diverted compared to all of 2019 (and 4 months to go in 2020!)

The total GHG #offset is the equivalent of driving a car from Toronto to Alaska.

Our calculations are based only on spent grain that would have been discarded, doesn’t include inputs such as transporting waste to landfills etc.

We’re grateful for your support!

June – July


  • Food that Beets – Maddelena and Turk, farmers based out of King City, Ontario offering 100% organic produce grown in Ontario.

  • Delivery to Fiesta Farms was paused.

  • Sydney, one of the first people to work for Spent Goods, decided to move on. We will miss you!

  • We placed our first order for 50,000 bags!


  • Due to COVID-19, we saw an increase in new and existing businesses pivoting to offer more local food options and we couldn’t be more delighted that they included Spent Goods in their stores:

  • Farm to Office food delivery company GoJava pivoted to offer next day delivery of home grocery.

  • Fresh Fields, a retail store focusing on organic goods, run by Ladan and Blake joined our family.

  • With COVID and food safety in mind, we transitioned from paper to plastic bag based packaging. We still need to address the single use nature of plastic bags and welcome any cost effective ideas.


COVID-19 put Ontario under state of emergency.

Spent Goods deemed an essential service given we sell to grocery stores. While restaurants like Prohibition Gastrohouse had to close, seeing a ton of food businesses pivot to providing food essentials via online delivery platforms.

Spent Goods, Henderson and Drake Commissary partnership featured on Weather Network (video)!

Mentioned in Blog TO, as 1 of 15 businesses offering bread and delivery options in Toronto.




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