Transformer of spent barley (IN) -> Baked Goods (OUT)

Products: Montreal style bagels

Address: 582 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1 (Greektown, close to Pape station)

In the summer of 2021, Marc van Beusekom, a friend of Spent Goods, started making everything style bagels for the farmer’s markets incorporating spent grains.

The bagels were an instant hit and by the end of the summer, Marc couldn’t keep up with demand.

So we approached Bagel Time to see whether they’d be interested in making our everything bagels, allowing us to scale. We met Danny Khan and his team and they were super excited to work with us.

They offer a ton of freshly baked bagels, all made on their wood oven fire.

We explained that a plant based bagel was important to us and they followed our recipe, not using eggs and boiled our bagels in water, not honey water per traditional Montreal recipe.

We didn’t anticipate how much the wood oven fire would dry out the bagel.

We were able to resolve it by adding more spent grains – 20% of the dough consists of spentgrains!

Don’t you love it when local businesses work together ?
We certainly do!
Bagel Time (Toronto, ON)

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