128 Sterling Avenue, Toronto, ON M6P 0A1

Our first food transformer partner: Spent barley (IN) -> Baked goods (OUT)

Products: Beer bread sourdough, multigrain, butter crackers, pretzels, bagels, burger buns, hot dog buns, Rye, english muffins, 3 types of baguettes, 4 types of pizza,

Starting in 2018, we worked together developing recipes incorporating spent barley grains produced by their neighbour, Henderson Brewing.

Together we produced 16 different SKUs = equivalent of 90,000 loaves of baked goods via 31 retailers and 2 farmer’s markets, supporting 10 FTE jobs.

Drake Commissary closed their bakery and restaurant location in Aug 2021, primarily due to the pandemic related labour shortage.

Jonathan, Jonas, Mel, Roma, Lloyd, Daniel, Colton, Wes, Darren, Na hee, Nam … you all will be missed.

Drake Commissary (Toronto, ON)

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