Transformer of spent barley (IN) -> Baked Goods (OUT)

Products: Pretzel twists, Pretzel bagels, Seed crusted sourdoughs

Address: 262 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R 1V7 (Dupont/Spadina)

Within 2 months of the closure of the Drake Commissary, we were very fortunate to find Belle, her dad Antonio and husband Eduardo who together run Belle’s Bakery.

Based in Toronto steps from Dupont station, they are a neighbourhood favourite well known for their freshly baked sourdoughs, gateaux basque, challah, and authentic brazil style empanadas.

We were thrilled to learn that they are local grain and organic advocates – thus, 100% of the flour used to make these products are locally grown in Ontario. 

Per our mission, they’ve learnt how “easy” it is to work with spent barley (as long as you deal with it in a timely fashion) and incorporated it into their best selling seed crusted sourdough – we have 2 types: sesame or poppy crusted! Both contain 85% whole grains

Belle’s Bakery (Toronto, ON)