Given our spent grains are recovered from craft brewers who use barley to make beer, we wanted to address a few common questions

Do our products actually contain alcoholic Beer?

No beer is added.

Craft brewers prefer to sell the beer they manufacture.

When making beer, the first step is to soak water and barley grains, similar to how you’d make a cup of tea.

We recover the barley grains (discarded tea leaves in this analogy) and the brewers take the water (tea in our analogy) and then add yeast that eventually becomes beer.

Even if there was any alcohol, it would evaporate as part of the baking process.

Summary: There is no alcohol in our spent grains

Are your products considered Halal?

According to the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada:

If this is 100% barley and does not contain alcohol, animal fat and/or extracts, bloods of any origin, blood plasma, pork and/or other meat by-products and alcohol is not used as a processing aid, it would be considered Halal. In addition bread ingredients should be free of above mentioned material.

We’ve confirmed with the breweries we work with that no animal products are used in the end to end brewing process (vegan!!)

Note: We have not obtained Halal certification of this process yet, so we cannot mention ‘Halal certified’ on our packaging.

Summary: Yes, it is technically considered Halal based on the ingredients and the process.


Is Barley recovered from brewing considered Halal?